Limited Edition Prints

For the Birds: Tyler Vouros Limited Edition Prints

Exciting news! I now have limited edition giclée prints available through the RJD Gallery, as a part of their "Art for Everyone" series of affordable, high-quality prints, perfect for both new and seasoned collectors alike.

On top of being a great option for those who might not be in the market for an original work, these prints also offer an opportunity to support a non-profit organization that is near and dear to me. I will be donating a portion of the proceeds from each print sale to On the Wing in Epping, NH, to help Jane Kelly continue spreading awareness of these beautiful birds of prey, through her rehabilitation and educational programs.

Jane has been so gracious in allowing me to visit these magnificent raptors in person, and being able to see their distinct personalities makes me appreciate the incredible work she does even more. They are truly wondrous creatures, and I'm honored to be able to give back and help promote the importance of our natural environment, ongoing conservation efforts and ensuring we preserve wild spaces for wild things.

This one is "for the birds" - literally!